The world of compliance moves fast, and new regulations emerge monthly. It’s important to keep your ear to the ground to see whatever changes are coming. And, seeing other people’s approaches—both from the regulatory side and from the credit union side—can provide much needed perspectives.

But how can credit unions stay up to date on the latest rules, statutes, regulations, etc.? These five blogs will help you stay on top of the changing world of credit union compliance.


1.  The NAFCU Blog

The National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions runs its own blog. NAFCU has a vested interest in seeing credit unions succeed, and they prove it with every nuanced blog post. The issues they write about—and the depth with which they cover them—are phenomenal.

If you haven’t checked out the NAFCU blog, you should do that immediately. Control-click that hyperlink and see the latest news and insights about privacy, BSA, examinations & enforcement, lending, and more.

2.  The Credit Unions Law Blog

The law office of Michael S. Edwards knows credit union laws and regulations very well. And they certainly have no qualms in sharing their expertise. Their credit union law blog was created to help credit unions navigate the complex and ever-changing world of credit union compliance.

Their posts are thoughtful and informative. However, as you can probably expect, they’re very focused on the legal aspects of compliance instead of the day-to-day practices or implementation. But if you’re comfortable with the formal side of regulations, this is a fantastic compliance resource.

3.  The NCUA

The National Credit Union Association doesn’t actually run a blog, and we’re not exactly thrilled about that. However, they do update their site often, and their “news” section in particular is filled with current insights and clarifications about specific rules.

They maintain a list of good credit union compliance resources, which may help with some questions. But they also keep current with press releases, statements, newsletters, and more in their news section. It’s not a blog, but it may serve the same function.

4.  Credit Union Resources, Inc.

Their website may look dated, but their content is pretty current. The Credit Union Resources, Inc. blog is filled not just with strong insights about statutes and regulation—it’s also up to date on advice and perspectives from other industry professionals.

This blog isn’t quite as technical as some on the list, but it’s often filled with practical solutions to complex issues. For that, it deserves a spot at our table—and a read!

5.  The Virginia Credit Union League

It feels weird recommending a regional compliance blog in a list of national compliance blogs, yet here we are. The Virginia Credit Union League reads the latest news, digests it, and offers their take (and sometimes advice) to go with it.

While we might not recommend this as the first place to look for credit union news, it certainly makes our top five. Yes, even more states all the way across the country. And for credit unions in Virginia? Well, put this right up at the top!

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Final Thoughts

We hope this list of blogs will introduce you to some useful new resources. We wanted to put the Redboard blog on the list, but unfortunately, we’re a little too narrow in scope.

If you want help understanding the countless laws, rules, and regulations in the industry, any of the credit union compliance blogs above will be fantastic.

However, if you want help with credit union audits and examinations—or if you want to see how you can make the process faster, easier, and more accurate—our blog is here for you! Subscribe now for more resource guides, tips, and tools (like our audit checklist).

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