helps me resolve findings faster, reduce audit times, and lowers the burden on my business units—because it’s so intuitive and easy to use.



Here’s what our customers have told us:​

  • Redboard was essential for us to move to an all remote work environment. It’s so intuitive; we don’t have to train anyone on how to use it. — DCU

  • It only took us two days to get up and running on Redboard. And it’s a software package that not only internal audit can use, but all the different units within the organization. — Credit Union of Southern California


  • Before Redboard, audit findings were not getting closed.  Our people are loving Redboard and are responding to and clearing findings a lot faster.  The shift to 100% remote work has been a non-event. — Del Norte Credit Union

  • We used to spend 25% more time on audits across the organization.  We now use that time to address our strategic priorities.  Redboard has had a tremendous positive impact on our credit union. — Point West Credit Union

  • My workload seems to grow larger every day.  Redboard allows me and my audit team to spend less time on the mechanics of audits and more on the key risks we face. — Top 20 credit union


  • Other business areas say that they lose track of requests made with spreadsheets and emails. Now, with Redboard, the other business areas in my credit union say that everything is organized in one place, and they can respond efficiently without wondering if they missed something. My audit team gets what they need, and the business wastes less time on audits and spends more time on what’s important to them.  It’s a win-win. — Large northeastern U.S. credit union

Here’s what we hear from our customers again and again:​

  • Time is money.  With Redboard, my audit team and business units work together to remediate risks in less time and with less frustration.

  • I used to feel like I was micromanaging each step in the audit process. Now, Redboard manages the details for me. All of our audits now have consistent accountability.

  • With the ROI on time savings, Redboard pays for itself.  On top of that, I have less anxiety about the process and fewer conflicts with my business unit peers.

  • It's so intuitive and easy to use.  I love Redboard, and my team loves Redboard.

Redboard isn't the right fit for everyone. But, if you face similar challenges and would like similar results, we'd be happy to see if we can help your credit union. 

Redboard doesn't want any credit union to pay for something and not use it. We offer a full guarantee.  Use the platform for 60 days.  If it does not fit your needs, you don’t pay for it. It's that simple.




My audit program is sound.  Why would I need Redboard?

  • Strong audit programs don’t just happen by accidentthey typically require time, effort, and rigorous processes.  It’s those situations that typically benefit the most from automation.  In fact, our customers with the strongest audit programs see the same if not higher ROI from Redboard.

I only have a small audit team.  Is Redboard worth it?

  • We wondered the same thing when we first developed Redboard. To our surprise, our credit union clients tell us that Redboard’s ROI has little to do with the size of the audit team.  The ROI is a combination of a) the reduction in hours necessary to execute an audit, b) the importance of addressing risks more effectively and clearing findings more quickly, and c) the value of business units wasting less time on audit processes and spending more time on what's important to them.  The combination of those factors is what determines whether Redboard is worth it, or not, for your credit union.  We’re proud of the fact that Redboard’s customers represent organizations that are among the smallest and largest credit unions.


Can’t we just use a spreadsheet and email?

  • Absolutely.  All of our clients used to use spreadsheets and email to manage their audits. Our clients tell us that now with Redboard, they collect, aggregate, report, and deliver audit data with a click of a button. Compared to Redboard, the old way they used to do things seems arcane. 

How hard is it to implement?

  • Our clients told us they don’t have the IT resources to dedicate to a complicated implementation. Redboard can go live within a day after you sign up, with minimal effort from your IT team and it is so simple to use that our credit union clients confirm that they need no training.

My IT department says they can build something like this.

  • There’s no reason your IT department shouldn’t be able to replicate the years of development which have gone into Redboard. This is a viable option if your credit union has the resources available, the luxury of time and the willingness to invest more than it costs to license Redboard.

Is it secure?

  • The credit unions we’ve spoken with agree that this system must be highly secure. Redboard utilizes Ongoing Operations, the gold standard for high security for credit unions.  Ongoing Operations is a CUSO that hosts core systems for over 150 credit unions, including some of the largest credit unions in the country.  The Redboard / Ongoing Operations facility meets NCUA's most stringent IT security requirements. 

Can we afford it?

  • Redboard licensing is designed to be an easy investment based on the size of your organization, and we don't charge based on number of users.  On average, our customers invest between $1.15 and $1.50 per day per user.  How does that compare to your personal beverage budget?

Is there an audit trail?

  • The credit unions we’ve spoken with agree that a robust audit trail is an absolute necessity.  Redboard creates a comprehensive audit trail on all inquiries and modifications to audit requests and findings.

How much training is required?

  • When systems are too complicated people just don’t use them. Redboard's credit union audit software is designed to be simple, yet powerful. There is no need for onsite or in-person training. This isn't hypeour credit union clients confirm that they get great results and Redboard is intuitive enough that they don't have to waste time with training.

What if I don't like it?

  • Redboard offers a full guarantee, with no financial obligation.  Use the platform for 60 days.  If it does not fit your needs, you don’t have to pay for it.

Who is Redboard?

  • Redboard is part of Axiaware, a company that’s served credit unions for 20 years.


Pricing is based on the size of your organization. We didn’t want any key players to be excluded because of incremental licensing fees. If you break down the annual investment to a per user amount, our customers invest between $1.15 and $1.50 per day per user.


Redboard is a cloud based platform—IT expertise is not required. The annual investment includes everyone within your organization, as well as any external resources, such as legal experts or outside auditors, that you need to include.


CU Asset Size

Up to $200m

Up to $500m 

Up to $1B

Up to $2.5B

Up to $5B

Up to $7.5B

Up to $10B

Up to $20B

Over $20B


All plans include unlimited users, accountability tracking and reporting, all platform features, and all hosting costs.

Redboard offers a full guarantee, with no financial obligation.  Use the platform for 60 days.  If it does not fit your needs, you don’t have to pay for it.   

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