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  • Save TimeFree yourself from the minutiae of managing audits. Use your time for more valuable activities.
  • Resolve Findings On TimeLet the platform manage follow-up and accountability. Get responses when you expect them.
  • Empower Your Business UnitsYou get what you need, and the business spends less time on audit and more on what's important to them. It’s a win-win.
  • Easy to Use and LearnEasy for you and easy for your business units. Be up and running in hours. No training required.

Document Request Automation

Document requests are typically managed with spreadsheets and emails. The process is manual, inefficient, and something often gets dropped as a result. Save time by automating the process. Stop micromanaging the deadlines and tasks of others.
  • One authoritative management dashboard
  • Simple yet powerful business routing
  • Automatic task and deadline reminders
  • Easily create document packages for outside auditors

Findings Management

Findings from many audits over multiple years can add up quickly. There's a lot to keep track of and many findings stay open way too long. Enforce accountability and make sure findings are resolved on time and as expected.
  • Structured findings workflow
  • Color coded due date tracking
  • Automatic task and deadline reminders
  • Required remediation documentation

Internal Audit Program

You have to dot every i and cross every t. Keeping track of all the steps, workpapers, reviews, and findings burns a lot of time. Save time so you can complete audits faster.
  • Electronic workpaper management
  • Integrated document requests and findings management
  • Optimized for branch audits
  • Simple enough for only one auditor, powerful enough for a team

Risk Assessments Powered by The Audit Library®

Risk assessments are tedious and cumbersome. But you need them to build a risk-based audit plan, and your examiners want to see them. Perform risk assessments easily with our proven methodology.
  • Automated risk assessment surveys
  • Proven methodology, powered by The Audit Library
  • Reporting for your Supervisory Committee and examiners
  • Incredibly easy to use
holak“Redboard is a comprehensive software package that helps us from start to finish of an audit, from the planning process to document requests. We have electronic work papers to do all our tests work and house it there. Then once we're done, we're able to furnish the findings out to applicable management, have them respond, and then track them until closure. It's been a game changer for us.”
– Jill Holak, Internal Audit Manager, DCU


Consistent accountability from all involved parties is critical. It's also tedious and time consuming to manage. Redboard automatically maintains accountability so you don't have to.
  • Automatic reminders to business units and their managers
  • Detailed audit trail of every user action
  • Seamless document repository with automatic revision history
  • Historical repository of past audits and documentation


Keeping others informed is a part of the audit process. And it's time consuming and error prone. Redboard's reporting capabilities keep your stakeholders informed. Create reports in just minutes.
  • Built in templates for board and management reporting
  • Findings accountability reports
  • Simple wizard for building your own reports
  • Easily provide deliverables to outside auditors

Business Unit Portal

Your business units want to be responsive, but they have their own priorities. Make the audit process simple and easy for them. Give them the tools to be faster and more reliable.
  • Dedicated portal for business unit users
  • Work queues for document requests and findings
  • Oversight queues for business unit managers
  • Zero business unit training required
davalos“Our old way of doing audits was more than an inconvenience—it was almost like a roadblock to moving forward with other initiatives. We didn’t have the same amount of time to focus on launching new products, platforms, and new ways of thinking.”
– Ramon Davalos, VP Internal Audit, CU SoCal

Financial Grade Security

Your audit data is sensitive. We know you need more protections than most cloud platforms offer. Redboard is built from the ground up to meet or exceed the security requirements of the NCUA and FFIEC.
  • End to end encryption
  • Cloud hosted at Ongoing Operations, a CUSO that hosts core systems for over 150 credit unions
  • Datacenter meets all NCUA requirements
  • Trusted by credit unions

Fanatical Customer Service

At Redboard, we take customer service and support very seriously. And yes, we are fanatical about it. Just ask any of our customers.
  • 60-Day No Risk Trial
  • 1 day customer setup and onboarding
  • All support costs included. No extra fees.
  • Less than 24 hour support response time

Radical Ease of Use

Redboard will save you a lot of time. The system is so intuitive and easy to use that virtually no training is required — even for business unit users. In fact, you can be fully operational in a day.
  • All features are intuitive and self-explanatory
  • Simple icons and instructional text as you need it
  • Designed from the ground up for ease of use
  • No training required
pagenstecher“Redboard allowed us to aggregate data, work on things collaboratively, and have an audit trail and report to whomever we need in a more effective manner. Essentially our audit environment is very similar, except it works now.”
– Steve Pagenstecher, COO, Point West Credit Union

More Features

  • Lines of Defense
    • Automate the IIA lines of defense model
    • Supports multiple departments
    • Audit or compliance
  • Remote Work Ready
    • Work anywhere
    • Office or home
    • Great for dispersed teams
  • Reuse Previous Audits
    • Home for all of your audit materials
    • Centralized and organized
    • Find information in minutes

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