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  • Small Credit Unions Use the time they save with Redboard to reduce the audit burden on the executive team. They reinvest time savings in core operations and member facing activities. Point West Credit Union Case Study >
  • Medium Credit Unions Use Redboard to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their audit operations. They build an audit infrastructure that can keep up with their growth plans. Del Norte Credit Union Case Study >CU SoCal Case Study >
  • Large Credit Unions Use Redboard to build an audit operation that is both efficient and can scale with their organization. They reinvest time savings into continuously improving their audit program. DCU Case Study >
Redboard is specifically designed to scale with the size of your credit union and the size of your audit team.  Redboard credit unions range in size from less than $100 million (with audit responsibilities shared among executives) to over $10 billion (with a dedicated audit team). They all experience an administrative time savings anywhere from 25% to 50%. Our customers find that the time savings allows them to focus on other critical priorities, and the time savings alone pays for the license cost several times over.

Please see our Case Studies for specific credit union examples >
  • Outsourced Audits
  • NCUA and State Examinations
  • Branch Audits
  • Internal Audit Program
  • Quality Control and Monitoring
Strong audit programs don’t just happen by accident—they typically require time, effort, and rigorous processes. It’s those situations that typically benefit the most from automation. In fact, our customers with the strongest audit programs see the same if not higher ROI from Redboard.
Redboard works in conjunction with outside audit firms and any portals they provide. Such portals are designed to save time for your audit firm. In contrast, Redboard is designed to save time for you—both in your audit operations and your business units. In fact, many of our customers tell us that their audit firms love the structure and accountability that Redboard provides.

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