Communication Is Integral to Effective Audits

Do you want to guarantee that your credit union deals with audit findings reliably and on time? In this blog, we outline simple, repeatable process to ensure that your findings are cleared quickly.

The Role of Business Units in Credit Union Audits

Are your credit union audit findings always resolved reliably and on time? Have you ever found inconsistencies or outliers? Have you dealt with repeat findings?

The Role of Structure in Audit Findings Accountability

At Redboard, we help credit unions organize, streamline, and even automate their audit processes. Over the years, we’ve developed a framework in which to conduct audits. It’s simple, repeatable, scalable, and most importantly, it works.

Returning Fraudulent ACH Deposits

Unemployment rates across the US are at an all-time high since the Great Depression. The landscape of automatic deposits is changing.

Del Norte CU Case Study

Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU) is based in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. With just over $700m in assets, DNCU has a lean operation and outsources many of its audits. Their internal risk...

Do You Irritate Your Auditors? How to Handle Repeat Findings

Let’s take a minute to talk about repeat findings in audits. With any luck, we’ll be able to provide some insight—and possibly some reassurance. But by the end of this blog, you should have a better idea on how to handle repeat audit findings...

Two Key Features Every Specialized Audit Software Program Needs

Features. What can we say about features? It seems that every service, every computer program out there wants to boast dozens upon dozens of features. Right now, there’s more than one specialized audit software touting features. But at some...