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When we first started working on Redboard’s automation audit tools for credit unions, we had a few things in mind. For example, we wanted it to be robust, secure, time-saving, and easy to use.

We didn’t understand at the time just how important that last consideration truly was.

When Ease of Use Doesn’t Matter

We created Redboard to be easy to use, and we were sure that it would be a key characteristic. Yet, when speaking with many of our early clients, they assured us it wasn’t a major consideration.

Why was that?

As it turns out, most larger credit unions have dedicated audit groups. These experts spend quite a bit of time on exams and audits, so a little extra time spent learning new software doesn’t matter to them. They’re putting that time towards compliance anyway, right? What’s a few extra hours or days toward mastering audit automation tools?

So, we were assured that ease of use wasn’t a major factor in creating Redboard.

When Ease of Use Does Matter

Fortunately, we had a design vision from the beginning. We were determined to make ease of use a top priority, regardless of whether it was a fundamental user need. In part, it was the principle of the thing.

That simplicity turned into a major key differentiator though. Can you guess why?

Think about every audit you’ve been part of.

There are always a few non-audit team players and business users pulled in to help with a task. These business users generally don’t have those spare hours or days to learn the ins and outs of new software. Especially considering tasks that take only a few minutes or half an hour.

Why would they spend their time learning automated audit tools with a high learning curve?

It would actually make their involvement less efficient.

Thus, ease of use enables non-power users to more efficiently take part in the audit process. They can jump right into productivity with no training.

In this way, we help credit unions automated within the audit group. But we also help credit unions automate aspects of compliance across the entire organization. By ensuring the whole team is able to take part, Redboard contributes both robustness and convenience to any audit team.

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Final Thoughts

We feel that the ease of use we built into Redboard’s audit automation tools means your team spends more time on audits and less time on training. And by lowering the knowledge barrier of entry, ease of use drives both productivity and ROI.

So, as far as what’s surprised us the most with Redboard, we would say it’s the importance of ease of use. But efficacy is a close second. Who knew we’d cut audit times by 25%?

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