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There’s no such thing as an all-knowing compliance professional. There are too many rules and regulations in the credit union industry for a single person to know them all. It takes a team of experts to carry out an audit or examination in any given area.

So naturally, it takes that same level of teamwork to build our credit union compliance software. Let us introduce you to how we set our product direction.


Setting the Product Direction

When we started Redboard, we built it with specific uses in mind. During the development phase however, we realized that we had to make the platform a bit broader and more flexible. Input from our early clients and partners was key in driving those improvements.

Since then, we’ve continued following an interactive, iterative process to improvement. Here’s what that looks like:

Phase One: The Check In

We check in periodically with credit unions as part of our standard practice. When we do, we love hearing what’s working, how much time people are saving, and how Redboard has helped.

We also love hearing what could be improved, and which new features might help more.

We do this for each client, and we collect feedback and suggestions from our conversations. Over time, we see a bigger picture of what people need.

Phase Two: Prioritization

After we’ve gotten enough feedback, we look at which items we should work on first. Basically, we look for the biggest wins and lowest hanging fruit.

All the changes that would have the biggest impact are our top priority. These help drive Redboard forward and increase its efficiency, scope, and other major considerations.

We also look for low hanging fruit. We look for anything that improves the user experience, makes things easier to understand, or a little more convenient. These kinds of changes may not add any major functionality, but we think that ease of use is critical for credit union compliance software.

Phase Three: Release

After we’ve made requested or suggested changes, we update our platform. At this point, everyone gets to enjoy the newest, easier-to-use and more feature-rich version of Redboard.

After everyone has had a chance to use our updated software, we start the process over again.

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Final Thoughts

At Redboard, we love this iterative process. It ensures that nobody must rely purely on Redboard to determine product direction and features. Rather, everyone who uses Redboard has a say in what would be most valuable.

It’s like we have several teams of audit and examination experts guiding our product direction. That kind of teamwork produces much better results than just hoping for one person or entity to have all the right answers.

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