My Career Path to Redboard
Not many professionals enjoy a straight path to wherever they end up. Like most people, I took the scenic route to creating Redboard. I hope that by sharing a little about myself, you can see what kind of values lie at Redboard’s core.

What Prompted Me to Create Redboard

I have over twenty years of experience working with credit unions now. Initially, most of my work was in software development; with a couple others, we tackled issues like online banking, loan origination, and compliance.

A lot of what we did was develop bespoke solutions for credit unions. We worked closely with them to see what kinds of issues they were having, and then we found answers fit specifically to their needs and situations.

It was actually that kind of work that got me thinking about how I could change my business model to help more people. I knew from working closely with a few clients that I could make a meaningful, positive difference in the industry. My experience in working closely with credit unions gave me a critical eye to see what kinds of hurdles they face, and I began forming the idea for what would eventually become Redboard.

Why Credit Unions?

This question is fundamentally about our philosophy. Credit unions are member-focused. They don’t treat their members like dollar signs. They’re not trying to dominate the market or grow to be the biggest and the baddest out there. What they care about is serving their customers to the best of their abilities.

In my experience, credit unions understand that each member is unique. Whereas banks look at their bottom line first, credit unions look at member needs first. If, for example, a credit union member is on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Indian Ocean, but they want to check their balances and help their spouse at home secure a car loan, I know that the credit union will do their best to help with that. They’re about building relationships and ensuring the success of their customers.

We feel the same way about our business. At its core, Redboard exists to help credit unions. We feel confident about our abilities and the value we can bring to credit unions, but ultimately, we want to know that what we do makes a difference to people. Hearing enthusiastic and positive feedback from organizations we’ve helped is what motivates us every day.

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Speaking of Being There for People…

When I’m not working with credit unions, I spend time with my family. My three kids keep me rather busy, which I appreciate. I have the honor of coaching little league, softball, and competitive baseball. It’s great because I get to help my own children while also working with other children and their families.

Aside from leaving me in the dust athletically, they’re also involved in girl scouts and boy scouts. My wife and I do our part to help organize troop functions and activities.

All in all, my home life enriches me in so many intangible ways that it’s hard to describe it. I like to think that it provides some balance to my professional life, which I take very seriously. I’ve been lucky to enjoy a position as a father and as a CEO, which allows me to positively impact the lives of so many others.
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Written By Brad Powell

Brad Powell runs Redboard, a company that helps credit unions better respond to regulatory examinations. He has 20 years of experience developing technology for credit unions and financial services companies.
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