I sat down with Olivia Whipple, Founder of The Audit Library, to discuss my early career and the prevalence of corporate fraud uncovered in audits. The topic doesn’t necessarily cover credit union audits, but you can’t miss this wild ride.

When I first began working in compliance, I was young and ready to prove myself. I was working as what we might now call a “forensic accountant.” Attention to detail was a must.

So, when I started working with insurance companies in the mid-Nineties, I was astounded by some of what was going on. You can probably imagine that life insurance policies on elders in their mid-eighties might touch on some ethical or legal grey areas.

So, in my interview, you can read a bit about my experience in that realm and how it affected me today.

And, if you keep reading, you’ll get to a real bombshell.

But I’ll let you read it for yourself:

Fraud Spotlight: A Forensic Accountant Discovers Two Schemes

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