Helping credit union audit programs succeed is our mission at Redboard. We’ve developed checklists, worksheets, and more to help auditors increase their bandwidth.

Now, Redboard has teamed up with The Audit Library to save credit union auditors’ time and make their lives easier.

Read on to learn more about each company and how they support credit union, internal audit professionals. Or, follow this link to learn more and request a demo.

United by a Mission

Credit union audit departments are typically staffed by overachievers who accomplish a lot with few resources. They’re asked to maintain aggressive audit schedules, track new regulations, and keep business units on track in the face of lean departments, staffing shortages, and inadequate productivity tools.

What’s more, few organizations cater specifically to improving the credit union audit workflow. Most internal audit support solutions on the market are for large corporations and they don’t adequately address credit union challenges.

Redboard and The Audit Library specialize in helping credit union auditors, specifically. Their services complement each other, providing a wide range of support to help auditors at each stage of the audit process.

About Redboard

Redboard has dedicated years to helping credit union auditors do more with less via its audit management platform. Redboard organizes and automates audit activity, helping credit unions to:

  • Centralize audit documents and communications
  • Automate audit trails
  • Automate audit reminders and workflow notifications
  • Track and manage audit activity
  • Manage and resolve findings

Redboard users save significant administration time on their audits and examinations. Users often report admin time decreases of 50%.

About The Audit Library

The Audit Library is a digital collection of documents, templates, and other tools for credit union internal auditors. Its founders are two Certified Internal Auditors with strong ties to the credit union industry.

With The Audit Library, credit union auditors don’t need to create audit documents or workpaper templates from scratch. Instead, they can access a massive resource of templates, guides, and other materials to help them complete the non-administrative portion of their audits.

They also offer Quality Assurance Reviews, department outsourcing, and assistance with critical tasks to ensure that audits meet expectations and timelines.

About the Partnership

Both Redboard and The Audit Library are dedicated to helping credit union audit departments succeed despite limited resources and onerous regulatory environments. Their partnership is designed to help auditors with each step of the process, from planning to execution, to administration, to remediation, and more.

Customers of Redboard and The Audit Library will have access to both platforms.

To see exactly how Redboard and The Audit Library can help you complete audits faster and with higher quality, visit this link:

Additionally, we invite you to join us at the upcoming ACUIA conference on June 28.

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