Redboard and Ongoing Operations team together to support credit unions with remote work ready Compliance and Audit Platform free for 120 days.

With a sudden shift to remote working environments, and the stress of maintaining operations through the crisis, credit unions face challenges executing their monitoring, compliance, and audit functions. These activities are areas that can’t be ignored for months.

Redboard and Ongoing Operations have come together to help. Redboard offers a quick way to securely and efficiently manage the process for credit union teams regardless of their size or work location. And, after serving credit unions for more than 20 years, Redboard's CEO Brad Powell decided to offer Redboard for free to serve credit unions for 120 days, to help them get through this challenging time.

This offer is intended to help credit unions that are experiencing one of these situations:

  • They are struggling to stay on top of their monitoring and quality control functions while working remotely. Many credit unions view these activities as mission critical. The shift to remote work combined with an increase in fraud attempts has made this more difficult than ever.

  • They need to keep upcoming outsourced audits and examinations on track while working remotely. Business units and front-line staff are stretched thinner than they’ve ever been. For any audit to be executed successfully, the time and resource impact to business units has to be absolutely minimized.

  • For credit unions with internal audit operations, they must continue their work digitally and prepare for the mounting backlog that’s over the horizon. But organizing all of the steps, reviews, workpapers and other activities with staff working from home is cumbersome, time consuming, and leads to mistakes.

Credit unions who already use Redboard have been singing its praises:

“Because we’re using Redboard, from a quality control audit perspective, the shift to 100% remote work has been a non-event.”

– Casey McIntosh, VP Risk Management, Del Norte Credit Union ($700m)

“It only took us two days to get up and running on Redboard. And it’s a software package that not only internal audit can use, but all the different units within the organization.”

– Ramon Davalos, VP Internal Audit, Credit Union of Southern California ($1.7b)

“Redboard allowed us to aggregate data, work on things collaboratively, and then have an audit trail and ability to report to whomever we needed.”

– Steve Pagenstecher, COO, Point West Credit Union ($100m)

“Redboard was essential for us to move to an all remote work environment. It’s so intuitive; we don’t have to train anyone on how to use it.”

– Jill Holak, Internal Audit Manager, DCU ($9.4b)

Redboard is available in a hosted environment on Ongoing Operations’ secure NCUA compliant cloud platform. Ongoing Operations supports the core operations and business continuity functions for over 100 credit unions.

“We are in a unique position to help credit unions get over the hump. We know that these are trying times in our country, in the world, and in the credit union industry. We’re happy to donate our platform at no cost. We’re glad to be able to support the credit union community  of which we’ve been a part for so many years.”

– Brad Powell, CEO, Redboard

Frequently asked questions are available in our FAQ. To see Redboard in action, please see our short 3 minute overview video. To learn more, please contact Redboard.

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