Redboard is a credit union audit management platform that has helped credit unions of all sizes reduce their audit administration time by 50%. At the Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors conference, Redboard unveiled two pieces of news:

  1. Redboard has partnered with The Audit Library to provide end-to-end audit support, and
  2. Redboard is offering 6 months of free platform access to credit unions that sign up for a demo by July 1.

The special offer includes no-cost use of Redboard through the remainder of 2022 with no payment due until January 1, 2023. This offer includes a 6-month unconditional guarantee if we agree that Redboard can help (after the demo).

To qualify for this offer, credit unions must sign up and schedule a demo by July 1, 2022.

Request your demo here:

Initially, this offer was available exclusively to ACUIA conference attendees. However, we wanted to extend that offer to all of our readers.

Our goal is to make auditor’s lives easier. We understand that often, credit union audit departments are understaffed and must accomplish more work without adequate resources. We believe that auditors directly contribute to the growth and success of their organizations. We also believe that Redboard can address these audit needs.

Yet, we realize that auditors are necessarily risk averse. Consequently, we want to remove the risk of trying Redboard:

If you deploy Redboard after a demo, you may delay making a final decision on whether to pay for it and continue using it for 6 months.

If this interests you, you may sign up for a demo here.
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