How Can Credit Unions Request New Product Features?
If you’re considering Redboard for your credit union, or if you’re already using it, you might wonder how you can request new product features. Today we’ll discuss how Redboard addresses your emergent or continuing concerns in the realm of auditing software.

Any software worth its salt can be upgraded over time. If popular competitive video games can roll out new patches, and if productivity suites such as Office or Adobe can expand functionality over time, or if even your operating system can fix bugs and update security periodically, then so can we.

Staying Current

We understand that the world of auditing is ever-evolving. As new technologies and practices are introduced, become standard, or are phased out, the rules written to regulate them change as well. Consequently, any software solutions geared toward addressing auditing issues must be poised to adapt just as quickly.

Redboard is designed to be a flexible solution to a range of auditing issues. We offer broad functionality to deal with a variety of issues that credit unions face during an audit or examination. We’ve endeavored to provide a centralized platform that covers a wide scope, but we know that each credit union is unique. You wouldn’t expect a system tailored to fit a large, military credit union to work for a small local one, and vice-versa. Neither do we.

We’re aware that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution to credit union auditing needs. As with all good software, and just like audit procedures, we update our functionality to better fit your requirements.

We Listen

During pre-purchase and the onboarding process, we speak at length with our customers to make sure we can deliver exactly the product they need. During the first couple months, we check in periodically to ensure everything is running smoothly and that the software is having a tangible positive impact.

Communication is key! We continue working with credit unions even after the first couple months. As people get used to the software and explore what it can do for them, we stay in touch. Typically, after our customers get used to our product, we ask for feedback.

And we listen.

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What Kind of Feedback?

We welcome all sorts of feedback. One of the best kinds of feedback we get go beyond simple evaluative statements. Things along the lines of, “we really like it! We can’t believe how much easier the auditing process has gotten,” or “this isn’t working for us,” are good to hear and help us better understand who we can help. Still, they don’t give us much to work with.

Our favorite feedback is the kind that suggests improvements or requests additional features. We started Redboard specifically to assist credit unions and make their lives easier. We’ll try just about anything to achieve our goal of helping credit unions.

In short, responding to feedback and addressing emergent concerns is our bread and butter. It’s what got us into this business, and we expect it’s what’s going to keep us around.

If you’re currently using Redboard and you’d like to speak with us about what kind of features we might be able to work into the software, we’d love to hear from you.

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Written By Brad Powell

Brad Powell runs Redboard, a company that helps credit unions better respond to regulatory examinations. He has 20 years of experience developing technology for credit unions and financial services companies.
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